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sun flower
25 June 2009

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sun flower fields
22 June 2009

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king fisher
29 January 2009

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10 January 2009

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9 January 2009

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Spirit of God
8 January 2009

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4 January 2009

Recent Comments

Bonj on sun flower
Nice sunflower shot. The bright blue sky is a great backdrop to the yellow of the sunflowers.

Lila on sun flower

Jen on sun flower
This is just perfect! I love the juxtaposition of the open flower on the left and the closed one on the right make for ...

Dawn on sun flower
Absolutely beautiful shot!

kisskool on sun flower
nice composition, the colors are very good

Stefan on sun flower
Another amazing image, well done!

Didier DE ZAN on sun flower
Beautiful colors

jeff (aka dogilicious) on sun flower
Fantastic composition and color.

Sussi on sun flower
Wonderful photo of sunflowers, with really good color combination. Very nice captured, become happy when I see the ...

Stefan on sun flower fields
I love sunflowers, great!

Vachel on sun flower fields
beautiful view...

rajeev on road
nice shot manoj

Shahryar on sun flower fields
So beautiful.great shot. I like it and you well done. Thanks for shareing . Have a good time :)

Stefan on sun flower fields
Just beautiful!

rajeev on king fisher
nice shot

Suji on king fisher
Great shot. Amazing colors.

Aaron W. Strasburg on king fisher
Beautiful Image. I think I've tried some King Fisher beer before :)

Sandrine on king fisher
Beautiful bird. Love the colors!

Elisa on king fisher
wow, great shot!!

Suzanne on king fisher
What a remarkable looking bird. Excellent capture.

Terri on king fisher
Amazing photo. I've never seen this variety with such a big beak!

manoj on egg
thanks to all .You might like these two earlier posts. ...

zecarlos on egg
Just perfect and brillant.

Ana Lúcia on egg

Veerle on scenery
Brilliant result...

enna on egg
almost too perfect...:P

Manuel on egg
Five star to you. Awsome!!

Jeff on egg
Excellent use of light and composition. I love it.

zero on egg
Photoshop Master! Distinguished creation! Unique picture! :)

Peggy M on egg
Oh !!! I love your shot ! It's a light vision and soft ambience. Great !

manoj on lake
thanks for your comments on my picture. I used photomatix for HDR

Sri Harsha on lake
Beautiful photo! What software do you use for HDR?

Sri Harsha on kathakali
Nice cut out effecit! Brilliant colour! Well done!

cassiel on a railway station at night
a good shot, like me the light

ティモシー on lonley
wonderful image--really like the tonal range here

dogilicious on lonley
Very nice composition. Well done.

Elena Kotrotsou on lonley
It is amazing to see new life coming out of plants. Great picture.

Mithun on athrapilly water falls
Beautiful! Sad that we will miss this wonder if the hydel power project comes :(

Mithun on lonley
Wonderful shot!!

Suzanne on water fall
Lovely scene. Your slow shutter speed captured the water perfectly.

Elena Kotrotsou on water fall
another beautiful shot!

DarkElf on water fall
excellent waterfall shot with goo composition and control of the exposure!

EYES WIDE SHUT on water fall
Tranquil and serene, lush green foliage so restful on my eyes. The gentle flow of the water soothes and calms me. ...

Suzanne on water fall

Veronelle on water fall
beautifull waterfall ! happy new year to you

EYES WIDE SHUT on water fall
Absolutely enchanting. A beautiful image

Elena Kotrotsou on water fall
amazing waterfall! I love the framing!

manoj on water fall
tahnks for visiting

roentarre on water fall
Such a beautiful waterfalls!

Accio on flow
nice shot

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